Barang Promosi Cheering Stick – Clapper Stick

By • Jul 27th, 2010 • Category: Accessories/Attribut, Produk

cheering stick - clapper stick - balon promosi

“Cheering stick” is a promotional BalloonStick, filled with air through a check-valve with an inserted straw, can be conveniently used. It makes an entertaining sound effect 10 times louder than hand clapping when striking two of these together. The products are very popular worldwide, creating a new cheering culture in various sports activities as well as being widely used for sales promotion, campaigns, and festivals.

Use & Effects!

  1. Company P/R, Sales promotion, Gratitude – attracting the public eye, advertising effects
  2. Opening festivals, Concerts, Campaigns – producing festival mood, forming unity effects
  3. Athletic meetings, Cheering and game tool in picnics – interesting and joyful mood maker
  4. Baseball, Football, Basketball and any kind games to cheer teams and support,
  5. Gratitude for fan service – unique audio & visual effects and maximum advertising effects

balon stick - noise maker

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